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Mama's Breastaurant

Mama's Breastaurant White Logo Tank

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You gave birth, you're breastfeeding your baby, and now life is like suddenly being the owner, chef, and waitstaff of a 24-hour diner. We like to call it "Mama's Breastaurant!"

Here's an organic bamboo tank that's breastfeeding friendly and features the original "Mama's Breastaurant" logo printed across the front in black. It's perfect for your favorite breastfeeding mother and makes a great shower gift or show of solidarity for your favorite breastfeeding parent! 

Vote with your dolla dolla bills: buying from a small business makes an entrepreneur's day brighter, and may inspire them to do some happy dances! And we'll be dancing in gratitude for your patience, too... it will take a bit longer for this order to get to you than what you order from Amazon Prime! 

Also, with every order from Mama's Breastaurant, we'll donate a portion of our tips to some really great charities.

But wait, there's more: we chose organic bamboo because it uses less water to make, is sustainably-grown, and adds fewer pesticides into the worlds of the cute babies who are VIP clients of the Breastaurant. Extra softness is an added bonus. We think that's worth a little more money!


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