Charitable Contributions (Charlo's Angels)

Charlo's grandmothers inserted into Charlie's Angels image

One of the most important things with Mama's Breastaurant is to make a positive difference on the world so that Charlo (the inspiration behind the business) can grow up in a better place. 

As such, for every item sold, a small portion of the profits will be donated to a few different charities. Three of them are the favorite charities of Charlo's grandmothers, shown above as "Charlo's Angels" for fun! 

From left to right... 

Charlo's Grandma, Jennifer has been volunteering for with the developmentally disabled for years, and is passionate about those who are differently abled. The donations to represent her are going to the Special Olympics

Charlo's Nana, Vanessa is passionate about St. Jude's and the idea that no child should ever have to fight cancer. We agree! So, of course, a donation from every item sold will go to St. Jude's. Additionally, since they have their own plug-in, you are welcome to add an extra donation to your purchase when you check out. Sweet! 

Charlo's Lola (that's Tagalog for "grandma"), Nina has donated in the past to the American Cancer Society. In short - F Cancer! To help send it back to hell (where it belongs), we'll donate a portion of every item sold to this very worthy cause. 

It seems silly to have a breastfeeding-related store and not try to help those who need it most, so a portion of every purchase will go to The Milk Bank

Finally, one of the goals of Mama's Breastaurant is to be a member of 1% for the Planet, and to do that, the company has to donate specifically to one of their approved charities. In keeping with the theme and for the love of puns, Mama B chose "Keep Abreast." 

Apart from the extra donations collected at checkout via the St. Jude's add-on, donations will be made monthly, and shared (yes, with receipts for transparency) on the blog and social media accounts, so be sure to give them a follow and stay tuned!