The Story

Mama's Breastaurant, like many great things, started as a joke! 

Mama B (the mother currently and formerly known as Mandie Brice) had just had this adorable angel, Charlo. 

As a first time mom to a very hungry boy, she struggled with matrescence, and feeling like she went from being an interesting person with hobbies and ambition to sleeping and being a feeding machine*. 

She was discussing this with her mom, who first was making some joke neither of them can remember about how at least she isn't a cow? 

Anyway, thankfully, that joke evolved to her mom referring to Charlo's food source as "The Breastaurant," Mandie found hilarious, and said "That should be on a t-shirt!" 

And is! Well... tank tops (because those are easier to breastfeed in), and onesies for the little peeps, and bibs too! Stay tuned for more! 


Mandie and Charlo

*This is in NO way to discount motherhood or ignore the rewards, but in the exhaustion of the first few days (and probably forever), there are moments where those are overshadowed by some of the tough parts!