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Mama's Breastaurant

Boober Eats VIP Customer Bib - White

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Don't cry over spilled milk if it lands on this bib! Protect that cute outfit (or Mama's Breastaurant Onesie) with this organic cotton bib with Boober Eats logo!

Sadly, this won't be delivered as fast as Boober Eats (or Uber Eats, or Amazon Prime for that matter), so your patience is appreciated!

We hope you vote with your dollars: when you buy from a small business, it makes an entrepreneur's day! And yes - you better believe a celebratory happy dance occurs! Additionally - when you order from Mama's Breastaurant, a portion of every purchase goes to some really great charities. Choosing organic cotton helps ensure that the little angels who get to rock these bibs get to live in a safer world with fewer pesticides. 


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