Launching Mama's Breastaurant & Goals!

Launching Mama's Breastaurant & Goals!

It's FINALLY here! It seems like I have been working on this forever, so I am so excited to launch! 

I am passionate about goals, and love when businesses are transparent, so I figure doing a post that shares goals (and accountability) monthly is a great place to start! 

Financial Goals: 

The first goal is to become profitable. While this business hasn't been a HUGE investment, I want to be smart and treat it as a business, and not a hobby (even if it is fun)! 

So, I hope to sell enough onesies, tanks, and bibs to make the money back that was spent on: logo design, website domain and hosting, the monthly Shopify fee, samples, and a thank-you gift for the cartoonist! 

Social Goals: 

With every purchase, donations will be made to a handful of great charities. If you haven't already, please check out the Charlo's Angels page to see the charities and why they were selected! Every month when I do the goal setting and accountability blog post, I plan on sharing the receipts for the charitable donations, so you know I'm not all talk... or... type! 

In addition to those charitable donations, it is my aspiration to start setting aside money from our profits to pay the $300 annual dues to join 1% for the Planet

From there, by the end of the year, I hope to complete the steps to become a B Corp! 

Other Biz Goals: 

Right now, there's an obvious lack of diversity and inclusion in our models...  That's just because it's a mom and her son! We hope to have more representation soon, whether that's a result of a photoshoot or submissions of customer photos. 

In order to grow and scale, I hope to go beyond a one-mama show, and hope to hire a virtual assistant and business consultant (to help set up SOPs and train the aforementioned virtual assistant), so some profits are going to go to saving up for that! 

How You Can Help: 

OBVIOUSLY, if you are in the market for funny onesies, tanks, or bibs, making a purchase will help! These make great gifts for new breastfeeding mamas with good senses of humor! 

If that doesn't apply to you, you can still help (without taking out your credit card)! Please head to the bottom of the page where you see the links to Mama's Breastaurant on social media, and give us a follow on your favorite platform. We'd love if you also shared any posts you enjoy to help spread the word! 

Thank you for coming to the page, and thank you for reading! 

Stay tuned for a couple more new designs coming soon! 

If there's ever something specific you want (like a t-shirt instead of a tank, or even customization), don't hesitate to reach out. We'll do what we can to make your dreams come true! (Provided that your dreams are Mama's Breastaurant-adjacent)! 


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